Nail Care of Skin Care for Infants

NAIL CARE: Many parents are intimidated by nail care in the newborn. It can take a few days for the nails to “harden.” It is a good idea to use a nail file to shorten your baby’s nails. When using clippers, it is very easy to accidentally cut the skin on the fingertip, so be very careful with this. We do not recommend chewing off your baby’s nails with your teeth. This can transmit infections such as herpes and staph to your baby.p>

SKIN CARE: Dry skin is very common in babies. They will peel for several weeks after birth and this is most noticeable around the wrists and ankles. Applying lotion several times a day will help. Avoid lotions that contain tea tree oil or lavender as there is a possible connection to the development of gynecomastia (breast lumps).